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Trout Waters Youth Camp

Please check back for 2023 dates!

Fishing Buddies

A Fishing Buddies volunteer is paired one-on-one with a program participant for an evening of fishing on the West Branch of the Delaware River.

We will share the dates in 2023 as soon as they’re available.

Fishing locations generally center around Hale Eddy on the West Branch of the Delaware River.

Fishing Buddies Volunteers need to be able to:

1.    Be at the fishing location by 5:30pm.

2.    Waders on and ready to fish at 6:00pm (until dark).

3.    Fishing Buddies do not fish, they assist the program participants in fishing.

4.    Feel free to bring some of your favorite flies to share.

5.    Any level of fishermen can be a Fishing Buddy.

Please contact Russ Smith at 607-237-7415 or to sign up.

Being a Fishing Buddy can be one of the best ways for you to impact the future of our fly fishing sport and can become some of the most enjoyable days you will have on the water this year.

Please consider donating a couple hours of your time to enjoy some great fishing and help these kids get the most out of their camp this year!

With Your Help, We Are Fulfilling Our Mission and Helping Our Youth


Dr. Albert S. Hazzard chartered our Chapter in 1971 and we continue working to preserve our streams and waterways. Join us at our next event to see more! Click here for the Calendar!


All are welcome to join us! Membership can be registered through the National Trout Unlimited website, here.  
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Trees Planted

We have assisted NYSDEC in planting over 4,000 trees in the last several years to prevent erosion of stream banks…


Join us at one of our monthly meetings where we hear from knowledgable speakers; lend a hand to our youth, eager to learn about  fishing and conservation; or volunteer at one of our fun community events!

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