Archived Meetings

May 19

Eric Stanczyk, Superintendent
Carpenter’s Brook  Fish Hatchery

Thank you Eric, we learned SO much about the Hatchery and also the surrounding fishing spots!
Some other interesting info:
– Hatchery opened in 1934
– 100 acres of park land
– They stock 100,000 Brook and Brown per year
– Of the 100,000 – 20,000 are 2 years old when stocked
– Stock ALL of Onondaga County streams
– They offer “Fishing Days” for kids and groups
– Wheelchair accessible

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kurt Rezucha

Great presentation by Kurt! He’s been fishing since he was a small boy, and now takes his daughter (12 yrs old) with him everywhere. They fish, and observe, including underwater! Fascinating technique and Kurt was a pleasure to get to know! (He also gave up some of his best fishing spots!)

Tioga County Water & Soil Conservation Article – Thank you members for your help!