OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe purpose of the Al Hazzard Chapter of Trout Unlimited shall be to conserve, protect, and restore cold-water fisheries and their watersheds.The Chapter shall operate as a volunteer, non-profit, non-political, and non-sectarian organization. The Chapter shall function for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes.  By-Laws ____________________________________________________________________________


General Meeting: April 21, 2015

7:00pm Vestal Library

Guest Speaker: Kurt Rezucha


Saturday, April 25, 2015


Meet at Firemen’s Park in Deposit
8:00- 9:30am – Coffee & Donuts
9:30am – 12:00pm – Clean-up
12:00- 1:00pm – Hot Dogs and Hamburgers
Come to General Meeting Tues, 4/21 for details


Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum

Coloring Book – only $6.95



Special Announcements:

Note from Your Chapter President

April 9, 2015

Thank you to all those you supported our banquet.  Congratulations to those of you who walked away winners.   But in reality, if you are a member of this Chapter, you are a winner.

As you know, your donation allows the Chapter to do wonderful and exciting things in Region 7 for cold water conservation and the future of those fisheries.  We learned this to be true through the award given to Fred Doolittle – Trout in the Classroom vis a vie – future generations of fishermen.

The Banquet is a time of reflection and a spring board.  We are anxious to prepare for the new season of fishing that lies ahead, grateful for the gifts we may have won at the banquet and any last minute information that we may have pried loose from fellow friends on where the good fishing may be.

Those of us who serve you as Board members contemplate – more like beat our heads against a wall – on what we have done over the past years, ways to enlist people to volunteer, get people to attend meetings and the Banquet, etc., all in an effort to serve this “thing” that we love – #031 Al Hazzard.  To paraphrase, perhaps it is our mistress.

Why do we do it?  We have several hundred members, yet only 30 come to the general meetings and perhaps 150 to the Banquet.  On a good general meeting with great speakers we may get 30 members.  And, just maybe – when we need stream clean-up, hold casting classes or tying classes, or DARE I SAY IT… NEED NEW BOARD MEMBERS… the number shrinks like George Costanza jumping into the ocean.

So we do it to try to affect the above realization.  We want active and engaged members.  You have knowledge and it would be awesome to share that knowledge.  I personally encourage you to become a volunteer. There are many opportunities for you to participate in this Chapter – for this Chapter.  Others, especially a future fisherman, need someone in their life to help them succeed.  Volunteers play a big role, a friend and opening eyes to the things someone can achieve.

Upcoming meetings:

April: Kurt Rezucha – see above!

May: Eric Stanczyk – Carpenter Brook Hatchery Superintendent

June: Open for the Moment


Pay it forward!